Book photo of Jenny Sullivan and the Defective Genes of Death

Jenny Sullivan and the Defective Genes of Death

One morning, Jenny, a sea-gypsy girl, finds herself covered in hair that makes her look like a chimp. This bizarre change is the side effect of the defective genes. Although those genes give her physical strength, they are a ticking clock of her death. They will shut down when the 12-year span of her age runs out. Her scientist mother, whom Jenny has never met when growing up, promises an antidote. But Jenny has to find her first. This story depicts how Jenny goes through a heroic journey to find her mother in the face of her potential death.

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Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2


Before the fall of the British Empire, British missionaries discovered W Island. The island’s name was given out later on after they had entirely mapped out the island that turned out looking like a W letter. Some who lived on the island then taught the locals English and Christianity. The locals lived off the island because they were sea gypsies, who had been there for over three thousand years. Today, their descendants spoke fluent English sometimes mixed with local dialects.

During the Cold War, the CIA used W Island to host a secret underground lab known as the City under the Island. Funded by the Five Eyes governments, the lab had since run various cutting-edge experiments including nuclear bomb development, artificial intelligence, bionic testing, and genetic engineering. The natives knew nothing about the lab although they had often seen cruise ships anchored off there. And sometimes they also met foreigners in uniform walking around in the woods. Recently, some had also encountered strange, gigantic sea creatures that had never been seen before.

The sea-gypsy villages scattered across the shallow bays. Each village was overseen by a wise elderly who also taught kids with local wisdom about sea-gypsy lifestyle, the ocean, and marine creatures.

The heroes of our story came from the Sea Spider, one of those villages.